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10 Crazy Facts About Amazon You Probably Never Knew



“We can’t be in survival mode. We have to be in growth mode.”

Jeff Bezos

With billions of regular customers and 200 million Amazon Prime members, as well as being the second-largest retailer in the United States after Walmart, founder Jeff Bezos’ ambition of becoming “the everything shop” has been accomplished. Take a look at some breathtaking facts about the company that will undoubtedly stun you.

#1 AMAZON’s delivery through robots

Isn’t it incredible that we get our Amazon shipments in such a short period of time? So, Amazon recently released a group of robots in Irvine, California. They transport parcels from the distribution center, which is located miles away, to the customer’s door. Humans are assisting these robots. Also, it is known that the fastest delivery done by amazon was within 13 minutes.



#2 AMAZON pays its Staff to leave

Yes, you read that correctly. Amazon introduced a “Pay to Quit” initiative in 2014 with the goal of lowering the number of warehouse employees at its delivery centers. So, if a worker resigns, they will very certainly earn $2000 to $5000. These payments will be entirely based on the number of years they have worked.

#3 AMAZON’s first customer was honored with a building named after him

It’s incredible, but it’s true. This guy named John Wainwright purchased a book on artificial intelligence, Creative Concepts, and Fluid Analogies, from  Amazon. To commemorate the occasion, Bezos renamed a building ” Wainwright.”

Another intriguing fact I’d like to share with you is that he named a building after his favorite dog, “Rufus,” who used to accompany his owner to numerous pet-friendly workplaces. It was also reported that anytime they introduce a new product, the dog had to tap his paw on the keyboard as a good luck charm.

#4 The “perfect logo” says it all

Have you seen the Amazon logo precisely, especially the arrow? If not, go back and watch it again. This graphic feature of the Amazon logo, which begins with the letter “A” in “Amazon” and ends with the letter “Z,” is intended to convey the concept that Amazon offers everything from “A” to “Z.”


#5 Bezos Cost-cutting tactics to choose “door desk” instead of “table desk”

It was the warm and sunny time of 1995, the Bezos family was already in debt, and Jeff Bezos could count Amazon workers on one hand. Those staff needed desks so the CEO went to buy some desks and luckily saw some doors for sale, and the doors were much less expensive than desks, so he decided to buy a door and attach legs to it.


While the door desks were shaky, with colleague number five Nico Lovejoy acknowledging that “you would never want to hire Jeff Bezos as a carpenter,” their tradition lives on today, with many Amazon employees adopting a newer version of the door desk. Employees that adopt economical ideas are also given a ‘Door Desk Award,’ according to the organization.


#6 Ringing bells: Market is blooming

Every time someone made a transaction, a bell in the office would ring. Within a few weeks of the site’s launch, sales were so rapid that they had to switch it off.

#7 After an elderly client complained, the CEO altered the packaging style

Bezos redesigned Amazon’s packaging after an elderly client complained, indicating how seriously he takes customer service. She claimed that she enjoyed purchasing books from the website, but she had to wait for her grandson to come over and open the tough wrapping before she could even read them.


#8 The AMAZON  Institutional Chamber has a “Massive Cave Bear skeleton”

Let me tell you something that will astound you. So, when Amazon launched its eBay-style sale platform, the CEO himself completed a significant transaction where he spent roughly $40,000 on an ice age cave bear skeleton. This colossal skeleton presently stands in the lobby of the company’s headquarters in Seattle. This is also widely known since he had a penile bone frequently cracked during fights. (it is not the part of the display)


#9 From 2 room garage to $1.77 Trillion Titan began in 1994 as an online bookshop that ran from a garage at Bezos’s home in Bellevue, Washington when Bezos and a few colleagues began creating the site’s software. The test site was started in 1995, and it quickly grew to a two-room dwelling. A garage that began with two rooms has grown to a $1.77 Trillion Titan in 2022


#10 The average Amazon revenue per second exceeds $4,722

Amazon records $4,722 every second. Those sales equal $283,00 each minute and that’s more than $17 million in one hour. The Amazon Marketplace in the United States is massive, with over 95 million Americans claiming Prime membership. They account for about two-thirds of Amazon’s overall US viewership.


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