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10 Things Makes Mac Better Than Windows



10 Things Makes Mac Better Than Windows

An operating system is a critical component of any computer or laptop, performing every operation the user instructs it to and ensuring that all software programs run without error. Choosing an operating system can significantly impact how a computer’s owner uses the system. As a result, users should choose their operating system carefully and thoroughly understand all of its features.

10 Things Makes Mac Better Than Windows


As far as personal computers and laptops go, Windows and the Mac are the two most popular operating systems for both personal and professional use. Because they are so used to a Windows computer, some people find the Mac(Macintosh) strange.


To help you make up your mind, here are ten reasons Macs are superior to Windows.


 #1. A Mac computer can run Windows 7, 8, or 10 Os on the same hardware


A virtual box on the same partition, or another partition, is available to Mac users as an option. All you need is this feature to be able to use all of your PC apps and games to their fullest potential. Installing Windows on a Mac is made easier with the help of Bootcamp, which Apple includes. On Mac, this app is located in the “Utilities” folder.


 #2. Compared to Windows, the graphical user interface of Mac OS is superior


Another area where the Mac has an advantage over Windows is the user interface. Windows XP, in my opinion, was the most user-friendly Windows operating system. Windows 7 is the most widely used version of the Windows operating system. Windows 8 is the most annoying. However, with Windows 10, Microsoft began to regain its footing. However, you can’t compare the ease of use to Windows. Everything on a Mac PC is just so simple to open and use. They need a little time to adjust. One-click is all it takes to open any application on a Mac.


 #3. The Build Quality Comparison Regardless of the manufacturer


Mac computers are more solidly built than most Windows-based PCs. Sometimes, PC manufacturers mimic the designs of Mac computers. For simple tasks like Facebook, shopping, and light work, a Mac isn’t the best choice. Instead, invest in a Chromebook or a Windows Surface Pro computer. On the other hand, Macs are some of the most beautiful consumer electronics products if you want a device built to the highest standards with top-grade components, elegant styling, and an almost fanatical attention to detail.


 #4. Privacy & Security


According to the most recent research, there are 60,000 known viruses for Windows-based computers, 40 for Macs, and 40 for Linux systems. The Mac OS is very similar to the Unix operating system. As a result, you won’t have to worry about getting infected. Adware is the worst possible scenario. Furthermore, while it’s challenging to get a virus onto a Mac, it’s straightforward to do so on a PC. Because Macs are more secure than Windows-based computers, this is the main reason.


 #5. The battery life of a Mac is excellent


The typical MacBook Air has a battery life of up to 11 hours. Simply because of this, The Mac has become a popular choice for professionals and businesswomen. A Mac computer is the best choice if you frequently travel and don’t want to worry about running out of battery. Even the best Windows computer will lose to a Mac in a battery duel.


 #6. The wifi hotspot feature has been available on Mac computers since long before it was available on Windows computers


Activate Internet Sharing and Configure Your Hotspot “Internet Sharing” in Mac OS X includes a wifi hotspot option. If you’re looking for it, look in System Preferences. Select System Preferences from the Apple menu, then click the Sharing “icon.” Choose “Internet Sharing” from the drop-down menu. To connect the devices, you’ll need to select the Internet connection.


 #7. Assistance to clients 


It’s comforting to know that if something goes wrong, Apple has a variety of excellent support and service options. Apple’s customer service is consistently ranked among the best in the industry. Phone support and a one-year warranty are included with most Apple products for the first 90 days. Apple provides phone, online, and in-store support and the ability to schedule an appointment with a Genius at an Apple Store. It’s also possible to get help from several Apple Authorized Service Providers.


 #8. Hand-off allows a Mac to communicate with an iOS device


If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch but don’t own a Mac, you’re missing out on many cool features. As of OS X Mojave, this is still an option. There is no need for a cloud storage service like OneDrive or Google Drive when using the Hand-off feature. This is also true for web searches, reminders, maps searches, and calendar adjustments. An important selling point is that all of your devices work together seamlessly so that you can get things done quickly and easily.


 #9. Because there are so many PCs to choose from, Windows is confusing


There are times when less is more. Apple has six different models of computers, each with a different set of specifications and various options for customising them. For those who work in the creative field, the MacBook Pro is the best option. As a light user, you should go with the Macbook Air. The pros are the most powerful Mac computers available in terms of power.


 #10. The screens on Macs are superior to those on any other computer


This may be controversial, but if you put high-end Macs up against high-end Windows machines, Mac’s screen is more straightforward and pleasing to the eye. If you’re thinking, “Isn’t that just an HD display?” you might be surprised to learn that the latest Retina MacBooks and iMacs have screens with anti-reflective coatings and no air gap, making them the best currently available.




In Windows and macOS, countless new features are being added regularly. Stability and other under-the-hood enhancements are also included in the regular software updates. Despite its higher cost, the Mac OS is the operating system of choice for designers and developers worldwide.

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