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10 Crazy Facts About Google Office Which Will Make It Your Dream Company To Work With



10 Crazy Facts About Google Office

Google is one of the top companies that is providing major search engines on the internet platform. You can also find a lot of the products and the other services from this company. The employees are more likely to work in this office as this provides the various options to keep themselves working together and happily. The Crazy Facts About Google office are more interesting, providing every employee of the companies to work in Google. Here are the ten interesting facts.

10 Crazy Facts About Google Office

Employees can access multiple restaurants and micro kitchens at any time

Every human being will get cool when they see any restaurants or coffee shops. It is why Google provides food for the employees through the various restaurants and cafes. These are available in the google office itself. It also provides micro kitchens as google does not want their employees to feel hungry. In order to make every employee happy, Google is providing food for them. The micro kitchens are special for the employees to cook by themselves if they are feeling hungry. Thus, the company ensures that everyone should have got enough food without any difficulty.

Employees can relax through the Massage program

The google office will be heaven for their employees to get the massage program. One of Google employees perks includes this one. They do not need to go anywhere outside to reduce their stress and other physical pain. They can simply make the payment for the massage program and get the treatment with the help of experienced and certified therapists. Thus even when you are getting full stress, you can reduce it regularly.

Google makes sure of their employees spend 20% of working time on innovation

The innovations are the most important ones, and thus this company allows the employees to make the innovation. The company asks the employees to spend twenty percent of their time working at Google. It means that it will help them to create new innovations. According to this, the many Gmail features are present currently, which are all the innovations of these employees.

Google employee’s Spouse and children get fund via Google death policy

The death of a google employee will give the funds to their spouse that too half of the salary amount. It will be a more interesting one for the spouse with children as they will get the additional amount that is 1000 dollars. This fund policy is only for Google employee’s children who age is less than 19 years. If they pursue their studies, the age limit will be 23 years.

Reach any place inside the office using Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are available for the employees of Google. The reason is that the company does not want all its employees to pollute. Therefore, in order to go green and environmentally friendly, it has given the nature friendly EV. These vehicles are easy to transport from one place to another. Even for the on-campus traveling, you will get the bus or the vans for moving around the big campus. The bus contains the wifi and also contains various facilities.

Employees get comfort with various entertainments while working

The company provides various customized workstations to help their employees work in it. The shape of the room or the workstation will vary. Also, in general, Google is providing space for employees to work in aerated and open areas. Thus it is easy for all the employees to help each other without sitting inside the lonely cabin or other workplaces. Suppose that even if the employees are not interested, they can simply work in the swing or sit around the ball pit.

Provides money for purchasing lamps

Does it sound crazy? But this is one of the real Google facts that this google company is giving money for purchasing the lamp.

Try google’s products before launching in market

The company will give a chance for their employees to test any of the products like the google glass that monitors blood sugar levels or google sky, which will give clear information about the constellations when the mobile is pointed towards the sky. Thus, Benefits for working with google are that the employees can use the technology before itself.

Employees are allowed to take pets inside the office

You can take care of your pets in the office itself without any hesitation. It will make you freely work, and also you can watch your pets while working.

Google uses goats for lawn cutting to avoid pollution on their exterior side

Google’s Mountain View office has a big area of lawns where the grassy fields are growing in the bunch. Therefore instead of cutting them in the machine or hand, they use the goats to mow down. It saves the environment, and also it will not give much noise.

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