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[2022] Interesting Fact About BharatPe



fact about BharatPe

Bharatpe- an Indian company that caters to small merchants and kirana store

The Company Profile is an effort to provide verified data on many startups and organizations. As a result, BharatPe has given his stamp of approval to this post.

Paying using codes is a pain. You know there are instances when the servers go down, and you can’t make your payment? Such problems affect many different organizations and individuals, including retailers, customers, and a slew of others. Although it appears to be the case most of the time, embracing digital payment methods is not without its challenges.

fact about BharatPe

A QR code-based payment app for offline merchants and retailers, BharatPe is available for both Android and iOS devices. At least five other offices of Bharat can be found in India. BharatPe’s QR code-based app, which allows merchants and Kirana outlets to accept free UPI payments, is a big boon to small businesses. BharatPe’s POS machine, Bharat Swipe, accepts credit cards and provides small business loans in addition to QR codes for simple UPI payments. A merchant loan of up to Rs 7 lakhs can be obtained from the corporation for three to twelve months.

Bharat pe is an exciting fact about Bharat pe that Bharat also owns a 12 percent Club, a peer-to-peer loan platform. In 2020, BharatPe also came out with Digital Gold.

Team members of BharatPe

Ashneer Grover, Bhavik Koladiya, and Shashvat Nakrani founded Bharat. According to Bhavik and Shashvat, the two co-founders of the startup BharatPe, Ashneer resigned on February 28, 2022.


What Is the Process of BharatPe?

Fact about bharatpe: Bharat is the app of choice for about 80% of the merchants. The value of the company rises to about $2000 in this way. As a result, BharatPe’s lending business is just as important as the rest of the company.

An eponymous service exists to assist offline merchants. On the other hand, apps that allow free transactions on their platforms rarely generate money. Logging in and navigating the BharatPe interface are both simple processes. After establishing a merchant account, you’ll be able to apply for a BharatPe credit card.


Name, tagline, and logo for BharatPe

“Ab Se Dukandar Is King,” the company’s motto, is prominently displayed on its website. . Merchants may now pay for their goods and services without going online. The Bharat trademark owners own the logo.


Business Model of BharatPe

Customers and merchants alike benefit from BharatPe, an Indian QR code-based payments startup that runs on a B2B2C basis since it assists both parties. Companies may use one interoperable QR sticker to collect payments from more than 100 Indian smartphone apps on the country’s UPI payment system.

Model for BharatPe’s Revenues

On top of providing a digital payments platform to its customers, BharatPe has also developed a separate app for its merchant pals, which allows them to get credited for their transactions digitally. In reality, it’s geared toward offering shops lower-interest loans.


Bharat – Investors And Funding

During the 12 rounds of funding that BharatPe funding has seen, it has raised $720 million in total. At Rs 1,300 crores, the company planned to present the most debt of any Indian startup in 2021.

The company’s valuation has increased to $2.85 billion, making it the 19th unicorn of 2021 thus far, according to the most recent data. Another essential fact about Bharatpe is that it ranked as one of India’s top five Fintech companies in this fundraise.


Aims of BharatPe

Following Google Pay, Phone Pe, and Paytm as UPI’s top players, current BharatPe news and studies indicate that the company is expanding significantly. And the company’s expansion has been accomplished with minimal expenditures. In the area of private POS, BharatPe comes in third. Bharat Gold, a digital gold product for merchants, has been launched on the platform in conjunction with Safe hold.

Approximately a million Bharat Swipe machines have been placed by BharatPe in 16 cities throughout the country, enabling over Rs. 1400 crore in monthly transactions. Small business owners’ responses, such as Kirana store owners, restaurant proprietors, and entrepreneurs with 4-5 locations, have also been overwhelmingly positive.


A list of BharatPe’s rivals

BharatPe’s rivals include:

  • Paytm
  • PhonePe
  • Albo
  • MobiKwik


For BharatPe – Future Plans

In 2020, the corporation decided to introduce a new button called Paisa Bolega in response to this quest for novelty. Pressing this button will loudly announce to the shopkeeper how much the transaction is worth. An interesting  fact about BharatPe: Because a large number of individuals use the app daily, it is risk-free to invest in BharatPe

Bharat believes that the retailers’ expectations will continue to rise, so they want to develop and improve their app. recently, the corporation paid out roughly Rs 140 crores. The company’s founder claimed that there had been no recent development in demand for loans from shops, so they plan to carry forward with it and expect rental and inventory payments to climb shortly.


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