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10 cool facts about Facebook office



A visit is a must for someone who is in San Francisco and has someone who works at Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park. As many people visit Facebook’s “Cityville” every day, it looks like a new tourist attraction in the Bay Area, too. A visitor’s badge is the only way to tell visitors from employees. An orange lanyard with the visitor’s badge is worn around the neck. And right from the registration desk, you’d need a tour guide to see the campus that used to belong to Sun Microsystems at one point in the past. The first step is to take a selfie in front of the 1 Hacker Way Facebook signboard, which can be seen soon as you enter the campus.  Then, here are ten facts about Facebook office you might not know.

#1. Get motivated before you even enter

The backside of the famous 1 Hacker Way Facebook signboard at the entrance has a sign for Sun Microsystems flipped over. It shows everyone how important it is to keep coming up with new ideas to stay alive in Silicon Valley. Facebook users might not even know the name Sun Microsystems. Sun Microsystems was once a big company. Thus, Mark Zuckerberg himself sent a little hidden message to help techies get excited about their work.

#2. Facebook’s own CityVille

A lot of the buildings on the campus aren’t tall, and people don’t wear business clothes. It’s kind of like Facebook’s own Disneyland inside, but its inside. In the middle of many trees are cafes, restaurants, and other businesses. There are also salons and an ice cream parlor. Shuttles and bicycles are the main ways to get from the old building to the new one. If you drive an electric car, there’s even a free charging station in the car park. These are many interesting facts about Facebook office you need to know.

#3. Hacker seems like Facebook’s favourite word

Hacker Square and Hacker Company are both places where the word hacker is used. “Move fast and break something.”

#4. Visitors were walking around

Employees at Facebook are used to having visitors come in and out of their places of work. The kind of thing that most technology companies wouldn’t even think to do. They are so used to it that they don’t even notice if someone stands next to their work areas. When Mark Zuckerberg is at work, he usually meets with other people in the transparent meeting room at the centre of the office. Some people might even run into him, though.

#5. The place where artists keep their things

There is a lot of art in the new Facebook building where Zuckerberg works. Employees are encouraged to come up with ideas for their workspace. There are no cabins or cubicles in this place. It is one big floor, just like in a warehouse, but it isn’t.

#6. There is an accessible electronics vending machine and a gaming room

Employees can get earphones, batteries, adapters, cables, and other things for free from a vending machine like this one. The person needs to swipe their ID card and get what they need. There is a well-equipped game room that most visitors use for fun. It has a lot of different facts about Facebook office.

#7. Free meal for employees

Like Google, Facebook also gives their employees three free meals a day, as well as free drinks, to help them stay healthy and happy. People who work for Facebook can use an app called “The Lunchtime” to see what food is on the menu at Facebook headquarters every day. Big companies spend a lot of money to make people more productive, and this is also a way for them to keep their employees and make them feel like they are part of the company.

#8. Employees can be found on Facebook

Large screens are used instead of a traditional information desk to find employees’ workstations. A visitor or coworker can search for the person on Facebook to find their desk. Shuttles also take people from the old building to the new one. They can use bicycles only. There is also a repair shop.

#9. Garden on the roof

There is a roof garden at the new school. On top of the warehouse-like office, there’s a huge park that’s a lot bigger than it looks. One of a kind: People can go for a jog, walk, or even pick up a yoga mat to calm down.

#10. A complete tour takes at least two hours

One has to walk a lot to see the whole place, and a full tour takes at least two hours with many stops for food and drinks. There are many facts about Facebook office that make you think about applying for a job there.

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