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fact about – India’s No.1 Matrimony websites

One of the world’s oldest and most well-known matchmaking agencies,, has been helping singles find their ideal life partners since 1996. An exciting fact about is that Anupam Mittal founded the company in 1997. After deciding that was a more marketable name in 1999, Mr.Anupam changed the name back to residents were initially drawn to it because Indian parents were wary of utilizing a startup to arrange weddings.


fact about


The online matrimonial business has gained much traction by guaranteeing a higher level of success in finding a spouse. Over the past 22 years, has been helping people find possible matches, and the number of successful marriages has reached 5 million.’s history

A traditional matchmaker introduced Anupam to his father seated in his father’s workplace. After thinking about getting rid of him, he realized that he could bring the entire matching process online, eliminating all of the inefficiencies that had previously plagued his operation.

An interesting fact about is that the initial version,, was launched in 1997. For the aim of acquiring new knowledge. All money was invested in the enterprise.


How does operate?

First impressions are formed through visuals, and also makes its impression on its users through images. The images are screened for anything that could be dangerous or that might violate the standards set by the company. A team within the company is tasked with determining whether or not the images uploaded by customers are appropriate.


Comparison of vs. Other Matrimonial Sites

Uploading and activating images on a user’s profile used to take 5-6 hours because it was all done by hand. now employs 394 people because the platform does not necessitate many workers. One of their automatic features is auto-detection of bogus profiles, gender mismatches in profile photographs, and profiles where people have posted their contact information.


Exactly How Is Billed?

Users of the platform must pay a monthly or annual fee to become a paid platform member. The platform’s registration is free, but if users want to contact a specific profile, they must upgrade to a premium membership. The platform offers a choice of premium memberships. has a 40 percent share of India’s $1 billion matchmaking sector.


The business model of

The digital revolution occurred between 1995 and 1996. More and more people heard of “Google” due to the appearance of new websites. The result is a user-friendly platform that allows people to submit personal information, such as height, caste, educational background, and the type of lifemate they are looking for. It then uses that information to discover the perfect match based on the news. Provided. Customers are drawn to the platform through newspaper advertisements, television advertising, and internet marketing, which is fact about


Marketing for

More than 100 centers have opened in over 70 Indian locations, with its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, to grow its customer base and keep them entertained. Their social media platform hosts frequent games to keep their clients engaged and raise awareness in society. People from more than 35 countries praised its use of a ‘Dowry calculator’ to reveal societal ills in society.


Campaigns on Social Media: #Fast For Her and #WoEkBaat

Gender inequality has persisted in society for generations, and the matchmaking platform decided to open up a dialogue about it. Facebook and Twitter polls were used to solicit feedback from the public on a wide range of topics. As a result of the campaign’s success, collected over 18, 72,272 pledges.


What we know so far about the #FastForHerMovement

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2019, launched an Instagram campaign called #WoEkBaat to position the company as a proponent of romantic sentiments. It showcased around 6 million of its triumphs.



As internet usage in India was low at the time, and conservative parents were skeptical about arranging a marriage through an internet-based firm, it had to overcome several hurdles to succeed. The prevalent way of thinking at the time posed a significant obstacle. As a result, the firm’s next and most challenging problem was attracting and retaining the best talent for the position. In the last few years, The fact about is that it has established itself as the most trusted matrimonial site in India by registering approximately 3.2 marriages worldwide on its platform and gaining around 12000-15000 new members in a single day.

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