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Top 10 Interesting facts about tinder



Interesting facts about tinder

Are you looking for a dating platform?Are you looking for an authentic platform to meet new people?Tinder comes to your rescue. Tinder is an online dating platform. It is also an application used for social networking purposes. People across several countries use Tinder to connect to new people and find a suitable dating partner for themselves.

Tinder is easy to use. People need to “swipe right” for a person they like and “swipe left” to express their disliking.

Tinder profiles include the photo of the users, their bio in a few words, and their interests.

Tinder ensures mutual liking. It follows a double opt-in way to allow interaction. Both the people have to swipe right before they can start their conversation.

Tinder has greatly influenced the young generation. You can’t deny its significance in online dating. In this article, we present for you a list of 10 interesting facts about Tinder that you may not have been aware of.

10 Interesting facts about tinder


10 Interesting Facts About Tinder


1) Timing plays a significant role

You may not know that your swiping time matters in Tinder. Swiping in the evening, especially around 9 pm, is the peak time. It is more probable for a person to find a match during the beginning of a week than on the weekends.


2) A warm smile on your face in your profile picture will bring more matches

Your profile picture matters.  You will get more matches if you have a sweet smile on your face.


3) Tinder uses a system of issuing internal ranking scores to the users

One of the interesting facts about Tinder is it uses an internal ranking score system. It gives scores to every user based on their appearance in the profile pictures.


4) Tinder is not for picky users

If you are one of the users who never likes any other use and does not swipe right for anyone, Tinder will display a few profiles.

However, Tinder is also not a fan of those users who swipe right on most of the profiles.

It is one among other interesting facts about Tinder.


5) Men spend less time on Tinder than women

There are more men on Tinder than women. However, an interesting fact about Tinder is that women are more active in Tinder than men. Women are pickier too. As per statistics, it is 14% of the time women like someone, while it is 46% in the case of men.


6) Most people on Tinder are in a relationship


You must have got excited after coming across such interesting facts about Tinder. Now, this one will shock you.

Most people who swipe right or have profiles in Tinder are already in relationships.


7) Tinder encourages LGBTQ couples

In the year 2017, Tinder arranged for a contest. In this contest, it extended its support to the LGBTQ community.

Tinder gave away $100,000 to an LGBTQ couple for their wedding. They met on this dating platform and decided to spend their life together.

8) Education holds a high value in Tinder

Vibrant photos and good postures are not the only things that bring matches. Educational qualification plays a significant role in bringing in more matches.


9) Tinder has several spam bots

An alarming fact about Tinder is that there may be spam bots over this dating platform.

Stay alert from spam bots. If your match gives generic responses and asks you to visit links, it may be a spambot.

Spam bots may try to access your personal information, cheat you, or infect your device.


10) Tinder has a huge number of users

About 57 million people are there on Tinder. Around 4.1 million users have switched to Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus.

Most users are youths of the age group 18 years to 24 years.


Final Words

Tinder was launched a decade ago and is still an in-thing. The number of users of Tinder is increasing with each day. People regard it as one of the best dating apps. Several people have across their apt life partner over this platform. You may have not been aware of the secret features and system of Tinder. The above 10 interesting facts about Tinder will help you know some of these secrets.

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