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10 things which made zoom better than its competitors



Zoom is a web-based conferencing service that allows users to conduct face-to-face or audio-only meetings. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, the company has dramatically increased in popularity. Here are 10 compelling reasons which made zoom better than its competitors:   

which made zoom better than its competitors

#1. A user-friendly interface is provided

Zoom may be used on various platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and more, making it accessible to an extensive range of users. The intention of the company’s founder Eric Yuan was to give a better experience than its competitors, with the ambitious goal of making the experience better than meetings held in person.

#2. Stickiness

Customers renew their subscriptions because of Zoom’s “sticky” pricing plan. Customers can utilize certain features for free on Zooms before being prompted to upgrade to the premium version. More than half of Zoom’s clients who spend more than $100,000 a year began off with at least one free host. A net dollar expansion rate of more than 130 percent illustrates their ability to up sell more expensive products.

#3. Environmental issues

Zoom allows firms to conduct face-to-face meetings over the internet, an ongoing concern for many businesses. Zoom’s core principle is “care”, and climate change is a part of that. In Eric Yuan’s opinion, cutting down on travel is critical. When it comes to reducing CO2 emissions, Zoom has highlighted companies like Autodesk (NASDAQ: ADSK). 4.6 tonnes of CO2 are emitted annually by the average passenger car, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Zoom may benefit from this trend in light of rising worries about climate change and corporate social responsibility which made zoom better than its competitors.

#4. Simplicity

For example, Zoom features a clean and simple UI that makes it even more enjoyable to use. Among them are:

  • To join a meeting, all you have to do is click one time.
  • Zooming is possible on all devices.
  • The sound and video cues are pre-programmed.
  • The chat window is integrated into the display.
  • Screen-sharing is simple.

#5. Infrastructure

To use Zoom, you don’t need to be an IT specialist. Using the Zoom Meeting Connector, an extension of Zoom’s cloud architecture, the platform may be launched instantaneously on Zoom’s cloud or deployed on internal servers in 30 minutes onsite.

Although there are restrictions, Zoom provides the most acceptable video resolution of any video conferencing programme. With the free version, you receive HD resolution up to 720p, and with paid accounts, you can get up to 1080p. Having a poor internet connection might significantly impact the meeting’s outcome.

#6. Meeting Features

With Zoom’s meeting features to anything else with Zoom’s meeting features. The following are some of the best options:

  • Virtual backgrounds that is simple to use.
  • Emojis that allow participants to express their feelings without disrupting the discussion.
  • For post-meeting notes or meeting evaluation, use the automatic recording feature.
  • Rooms for small group meetings that can be easily converted to big group meetings.
  • Attendees may share their screens.
  • For quick diagramming needs, use a whiteboard.
  • The transcription of audio content is also included.
  • Closed-captioning is available.
  • Rooms for small group discussions.

#7. Security

Anyone who had a link could join a meeting in the early days of Zoom’s popularity. Because the host had no control over who may enter and disturb arrangements, Zoom’s easy-to-use feature made things worse. Users’ meetings and data have since been further protected due to new security enhancements implemented by Zoom which made zoom better than its competitors.

#8. Cost

The free edition of Zoom includes a plethora of options. Only 40 minutes of free meetings are available. The ability to have meetings for as long as you like is the primary benefit of upgrading to a paid Zoom membership (group meetings end abruptly at the 40-minute mark, while one-on-one sessions receive a warning). The Pro version (now $14.99/month) includes social streaming, cloud recording, and other advanced features. Additional capabilities, including meeting transcripts and support for up to 500 guests, are available with the Business edition upgrade (currently $19.99/month) (company branding, custom domains).

#9. Zoom is a Productivity Tool

Video conferencing is becoming the standard in the workplace, despite the pandemic’s impact on its popularity. Businesses will return to the workplace, and in-person meetings and events will be reinstated in the future. Even if it’s just for an hour or two, many people will hesitate to get in a car or on a plane. Zoom’s technology is constantly improving. Zoom is, at its core, a technique for increasing efficiency, which made zoom better than its competitors. It eliminates the need to travel for face-to-face meetings, allowing you to do more in less time. Zoom has abolished geographic barriers to employment, so a more productive global workforce is now possible. Video conferencing has made it possible for companies to hire workers from across the world, and Zoom is the finest.

#10. Zoom has a bright future based on its financials

Unlike many other IT businesses that have recently gone public and posted some remarkable statistics, the video conferencing company is profitable. A 51% rise in the number of clients who spend more than $100,000, which accounts for 32% of revenue, has been achieved. In the third quarter of 2019, revenue grew by a whopping 85% over the same period last year. To attract new clients and fuel growth, Zoom announced in its most recent quarterly report that it plans to raise spending on research and development (R&D) and marketing (marketing).

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