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Top 10 Crazy Facts About Microsoft



10 Crazy Facts about microsoft

Despite fierce competition from Google and Apple, Microsoft remains the preferred option of many individuals. Many people are still passionate about Microsoft because of its unrivaled supremacy in the computer industry. For those who are still curious, here are a few fascinating Fun facts that you will like learning.

Crazy Facts about microsoft


#1. When It was first started, it was Micro-Soft

We are now familiar with the ‘Microsoft‘ without the hyphen! However, during the company’s early years, the name was ‘Micro-Soft.’ The hyphen was dropped from the name throughout time, resulting in a three-syllable, single-word brand name. This is an interesting fact about Microsoft for those who thought it was ‘Microsoft’.


#2. Pizza is Microsoft’s favorite food

It may sound similar, but Microsoft provides complimentary refreshments at all of its locations. Google may have gone the additional mile by providing free lunch and dinner, but Microsoft provides two complimentary drinks in milk and orange juice. In terms of cuisine, Microsoft has the largest cafeteria area across all of its campuses worldwide, with pizza being the most popular dish.


#3. Microsoft uses Code Names

Since the debut of its first operating system, Microsoft has given all of its projects code names. Wikipedia has a comprehensive collection of these coded names. “Longhorn,” “Lone Star,” and “Vienna” have all been code names in the past. While it’s tempting to add “Mojave” to the list, it’s a Microsoft commercial campaign. The “Mojave Experiment” was a marketing campaign aimed to combat Vista’s bad press by portraying the software as a new product to new users.


#4. ‘Sweet’ Tradition

It’s an unusual Microsoft tradition. If it’s the anniversary of their first day at Microsoft, it’s expected that they’ll bring sweets to share with their co-workers+. The number of sweets they receive is determined by how long they have worked for the company. Every year that a Microsoft employee has worked for the company, they bring lots of sweets to the office. This is an excellent illustration of the type of working environment that Gates and Allen created.


#5. The Stock of Microsoft Has Split Nine Times

When a firm’s stock’s value rises when trading with such a high share cost becomes impossible, the company splits its stock into several shares. Because Microsoft’s stock has been divided nine times at a ratio of 2 for 1 and 3 for 1, one original Microsoft share is now worth 288 shares.


#6 . A Massive Museum of Art

On Microsoft’s entire campus, there is a large art gallery. Microsoft is well-known for being a large corporate collector of art, including posters, paintings, portraits, studio glass, and multi-media work. The business believes that art in the workplace decreases stress, boosts productivity, and fosters discussions and expression of viewpoints. Therefore a major percentage of the paintings are displayed at more than 150 of Microsoft’s various campuses.


#7. Strange Interview Session

Microsoft never uses the traditional interview questions and process. Microsoft probes people during interviews with non-IT related questions. The idea for such a session is that Microsoft wants workers who can work in any format and have stronger logical views than theoretical comprehension.

Instead of asking a direct question like “Where do you see yourself in five years,” the employer might ask you to solve a logic puzzle or think through an issue like “Design a coffee maker for astronauts.”


#8.Tens of Thousands of numbers of Patents

Microsoft has approximately 10,000 patents, making it one of the top five companies with the most patents. Every year, Microsoft files approximately 3000 patents. Even though most patents are for obscure software features, the 5,000th and 10,000th patents were for consumer-friendly, easy-to-understand concepts. The 5,000th was for a feature in Xbox 360 games that allow people to “watch” a video game from a distance, while the 10,000th was for the Microsoft Surface, which connects real-world items to data and photos.


#9. Employees, pay attention: there will be free drinks

Microsoft, like many other multinational IT companies, is known for offering excellent working conditions for its employees on many campuses throughout the world. As a result, if you become a Microsoft employee, you won’t have to pay an extra payment if you get thirsty. There will be a range of drinks available on campus, and employees will be able to choose what they want. According to statistics, most Microsoft employees prefer milk and orange juice. Staff also receive free candy in addition to the drinks – what a great way to reward your employees, Microsoft!


#10. The Origins of MS-DOS

If you didn’t know, Microsoft had previously acquired another company before developing MS-DOS, which stands for Microsoft Disk Operating System. QDOS – Quick and Dirty Operating System — was acquired by Microsoft on July 27, 1981. Several adjustments were made to the OS, which resulted in MS-DOS, a fully complete operating system. It was released with the IBMP PC/XT, and the IBM-made gadget operated on Microsoft Corporation’s brand-new operating system at the time.

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