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Top 10 highest-paid YouTubers in the world



youtubers in the world

Today youtube is mostly known everywhere. Not even adults but children are also aware of it and take advantage of it. That’s why today’s generation is known as the modern or digital era. You already knew that putting your heart and soul into producing smart content on Google’s video platform, YouTube, could be lucrative. These 10 YouTubers prove it is. They make most of their revenue from advertising generated by their videos, and many of them are Gen Z stars.

The top youtubers of 2022 are ranked by the site according to their accumulated fortune, starting from the richest. It may not be too late to copy their strategies and rise to the top on YouTube.

Top 10 youtubers in the world


The ten YouTubers in the world in 2022


 #1. Ryan Kaji

According to Forbes, in 2020, he was the highest-paid YouTuber for the third year in a row. He recorded a turnover of more than 29 million dollars which were added (taxes and discounted expenses) to his fortune of 80 million, and in this year, 2021, he is following the same path. And he’s only ten years old!


Ryan Kaji lives in Texas (USA) and is dedicated to unboxing toys on Ryan’s World channel, which also broadcasts homemade science experiments and family stories for his 30.7 million subscribers. The Kaji family is getting richer, as Ryan’s two sisters also have YouTube channels. Whether it is child exploitation, it will be up to the educators to tell us. But that doesn’t look very good to us.


 #2. Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson)

23-year-old from Kansas (USA), Jimmy is known for showing people taking on challenges in exchange for money. He appeared in a nearly 24-hour video in which he counted 100,000 and uploaded another to the platform in which he recounts how he spent 50 hours “buried alive.” He enjoys raising money for charitable causes and has a fortune of $25 million (he is said to earn eight a month). 71.1 million Subscribers follow him.


 #3. Nastya

This 7-year-old girl named Anastasia Radzinskaya teaches how to do many things on YouTube:

Nastya learns how to be a stewardess on the plane,” “Nastya visits her friend and learns ways to visit her friends at home,” “Nastya pretends to be a superhero and helps her friends”…

In 2019, originally from Russia, he moved to Florida (USA) with his family after gaining popularity. According to The Moscow Times, she has a net worth of $20 million, of which $18.5 million corresponds to 2019 and 2020.


 #4. Markiplier (Mark Fischbach)

Known for his humorous comments while playing video games, this Hawaiian who studied biomedical engineering at the University of Cincinnati (dropped out to pursue his career as a Youtuber) also founded a new channel with his friend Ethan Nestor show vlogs and stunts. As a result, they skyrocketed, and Markiplier has already amassed a fortune of $19.5 million and 30 million subscribers.


 #5. DanTDM

Britain’s Daniel R. Middleton launched his YouTube channel in 2010 and now has $18.5 million. It also has a channel that targets younger audiences and talks about the Minecraft video game. He has published a graphic novel and starred in a web series. What have you been doing all this time?


 #6. Blippi (Stevin W. John)

He has his uniform (orange suspenders, bow tie, goggles, and a blue shirt and hat) and emits a hissing voice to tell children what a zoo or science park looks like. His educational videos earned him a fortune of $16 million, according to Gulf News. His channel has been translated into Spanish (with 11.9 million subscribers), and the dubbing voice is even more irritating.


 #7. David Dobrik

He rose to fame with his prank videos and celebrity encounters, leading a group of friends called the  Vlog Squad. Even if all was not rosy for this twenty-something of Slovak nationality who lives in Los Angeles (USA): he went from several million dollars in one year to just over 2,000 dollars a month after being linked to a sex scandal (a young woman accused him of being present when her influencer friend Dom Zeglaitis raped her at a party, she said). Nonetheless, he amassed an estimated fortune of 15.5 million by early 2021 outside of YouTube, according to Forbes. It now reaches 18.1 million subscribers.


 #8. Smosh

25.1 million Subscribers watch comedy sketches by Smosh comedians. Its founders, Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox rose to fame after releasing a film in 2016 with studio Lionsgate. In 2017, Padilla broke up to create content on her own. They have amassed a fortune of $15 million.


 #9. Roman Atwood

One of YouTube’s official comedians, Roman Atwood, has two channels: one for his vlogs (Video format blogs), with 15.6 million subscribers, and another for his public and hidden camera pranks, with 10.4 million followers. In doing so, he amassed a fortune of $14.5 million by age 38.


 #10. John Green

Before becoming a YouTuber, American John Michael Green was bestselling children’s literature author (In the Fault in Our Stars, Paper Towns) and executive producer. He runs the Vlogbrothers channel (3.4 million subscribers) with his brother Hank. His fortune is five million dollars.

From this list, you can see how much people are connected with youtube and gain profit. If you have any skill in education, creation, making videos or some ideas, you can also connect with it and make a good source of your income at the time of covid-19.

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