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Top 10 Shopify Themes for Fashion Store



Fashion websites should represent class and style, while showing visuals of all these clothes. The fashion world is not very forgiving, and it moves so fast sometimes. This is why it is so important for fashion website owners to choose from the best Shopify Themes for Fashion Store.


These are the best of the best, offering great features for sharing galleries of your products and giving your customers multiple views of styles. Modern minimalism is definitely a format worth exploring, and you should always consider how quickly customers can get through the checkout process.


Although each fashion Shopify theme offers different features, there are certain things you need to have. For example, every fashion website needs a grid-based gallery. It’s also essential to make sure your store is responsive to smaller devices. This goes along with the trend that many people are starting to buy clothes through phones and tablets, and keep reading to learn more about the best options.


  #1. Avone


The Avone theme is a great choice if you are looking to build a fashion website on Shopify. This theme is highly customizable and offers a lot of control to users to determine the look and functions of the end result. However, just because it offers so many features doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of time building your site. In fact, it is extraordinarily easy to use this theme.

  #2. Wokiee


The Wookie theme is a beautiful theme for Shopify stores. It features a versatile design that makes this theme a perfect choice no matter what type of store you run. The theme comes with all the tools and modules required to build a powerful online store. It also offers tons of customization options so you can personalize this theme and incorporate your brand colors and fonts.


  #3. Shella


The Shella theme touts itself as the fastest loading Shopify theme, so if you want an online store that loads quickly, be sure to check it out. This theme features an attractive and modern design with infinite scrolling on your collection pages. Another great feature is that you can hide options on product listings to make them less cluttered.


Shella theme comes with over 65 pre-made pages and a plethora of customization options so you have no problem customizing your store and making it look the way you want. The theme comes with standard eCommerce features like megamenus, product filters, product samples, quick views, and more. On top of all that, Shella theme comes with a shipping progress bar which makes it easy for your customers to track their purchase.


  #4. Modular


The Modular Shopify theme offers three styles: Mayfair, Hoxton, and Chelsea. Mayfair offers a modern and elegant design glove with large images. Hoxton takes the most minimalistic approach, with lots of white space, a nice header image, and a great responsive interface. Chelsea looks feminine and fun, using a grid-based layout on the homepage for large images throughout.


As for the theme’s general functionality, Modular features a quick purchase button, where customers can instantly drop items into their carts without straying away from the current page. You’ll also enjoy a signature product grid across all styles, allowing you to showcase your collections in a clear layout and fit as many products into that grid as possible.

All in all, the modular theme is a top notch theme to start your fashion business.


 #5. Yanka


The Yanka theme is a multipurpose Shopify theme designed for fashion stores. The theme has a simple and minimalist interface that allows your customers and visitors to focus on your products. It comes with more than 15 preset stores so you can easily choose the one that best suits your personal style.


 #6. Flow


The Flow Shopify theme offers a minimalist design to set up your products to be instantly recognizable and attractive. The header module includes overlay text and a button to lead to your promotions and new products.

The theme has a unique product grid that highlights images when someone hovers over them. It also has a masonry style grille that will make you stand out from the competition.

The promotional banner comes into play when you are trying to promote a new product or show a discount to your customers. There is also a collection page sidebar which allows you to directly link to all your product collections and showcase them in the sidebar.


 #7. Divide


The Split theme is highly recommended for trendy brands with an engaging story to tell. The whole point of the theme is to use images to guide customers through your business journey.


The Cube style looks like something you might use for an outdoor clothing brand. There are also two other styles that offer bright colors and wonderful mods to zoom in on these products in a fun way. What’s cool is that the Split theme is optimized for extra large images. The theme also includes a testimonials section that lets you share customer reviews of your brand.


 #8. Belle

The Belle theme features an elegant and modern  design with 15 different homepage demos. This makes Belle theme a great choice for any type of store.



The Belle theme also offers plenty of customization options so you can really personalize this theme. Customize fonts, colors, add megamenus, and more. You can also take advantage of drag and drop page sections to create a custom layout for your store pages. On top of that, the theme has lightbox gallery functionality, advanced swatches, unlimited product filters, and AJAX powered search.


 #9. Lezada


It is truly versatile and can be used for any type of e-commerce site and comes with tons of demos that you can install to get up and running in no time.


 #10. Minimog



Minimog is a Shopify theme that includes demos for a variety of eCommerce stores. When using this theme to build your store, you will have the option of setting up flash sales that offer your products at discounted prices for a limited time.

The product bundles feature is another way to use this theme to improve your store. Offering discounts to those who purchase one of your packages, as well as quantity and pre-purchase discounts, could be a good way to increase your revenue.

Other features, such as the Lucky Wheel prize generator and the email newsletter popup, make Minimog a theme worth investigating further. Minimog is jam-packed with useful Shopify eCommerce features.

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