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10 reasons why yahoo vanished from top websites list



why yahoo vanished from top websites list

Yahoo! is a web service provider that offers a lot of different things, like a search engine, a web portal, emails, news, songs, and other things that people use.

It was a backronym for “Yet another Hierarchically Organized Oracle.” It started the new internet era and put together a multipurpose website that became a huge hit. It then bought Yahoo! Broadcast for about 6 billion dollars, the same as what YouTube costs now. Way before Spotify and YouTube Music, Yahoo! Music let people listen to songs for a low price. It was one of the first websites to show people how to send modern emails through Yahoo! Mail. It also added other services, like Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Finance, and Yahoo! Sports, to make its business even more significant.

 why yahoo vanished from top websites list

Are you thinking why yahoo vanished from top websites list? Yahoo’s downfall can be blamed on many bad decisions and missed chances. Let’s go even more profound if you want to learn more about why yahoo vanished from top websites list:

#1. Having the Wrong Idea

Yahoo! had been more focused on making money than making sure its users had a good time. It had a lot of ads and seemed to change its interface a lot. It was a little hard for its users to get used to new user interfaces so often.

#2. Missed chances

Yahoo couldn’t see what was going to happen in the future and missed out on many big chances back then. These were –

  • Not wanting to buy Google.
  • Failed to get Facebook
  • Not being able to merge with Microsoft

#3. Yahoo! Refused To Buy Google

In 1998, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google, asked Yahoo to sell them Google for $1 million because they wanted to study more. However, Yahoo turned down the deal.

In 2002, Google became a lot more valuable, and Yahoo CEO Terry Samuel saw how much it could help his company. So, Yahoo came up with a deal for the people who made Google. It was worth 3 billion dollars. The owners of Google didn’t want to sell it for $3 billion because they knew how valuable and helpful it was. They wanted $5 billion to make sure that the deal was done. There is a reason why yahoo vanished from top websites list. Even though things could have been different for Google if Yahoo had repurchased it, it was worth $1201 billion in June 2021!

#4. Trying To Buy Facebook Failed

As time went on, social networking became the new thing to do. Google had already made a big difference in the world of online search. Yahoo tried to buy Facebook for $1.1 billion in July 2006. However, the deal didn’t work out, and a failed bid to buy Facebook was added to the list of things Yahoo didn’t do back then.

#5. Failed to work with Microsoft

As far back as 2008, Microsoft tried to buy Yahoo with an offer of $44.6 billion. It was only when Jerry Yang turned it down that he said no. There were many times when Yahoo turned down offers because it thought it was being undervalued. When you think about its $4.48 billion deal with Verizon in 2017, though, it doesn’t seem like that anymore.

#6. Acquisitions that don’t work out

Buying companies like, Geocities, Flickr, Right Media, Overture Services Inc., and Tumblr cost Yahoo! a lot of money. These moves made Yahoo! fall down the hill.

The founders of the Flickr website had planned to use social networking before Yahoo bought them in 2005, but they didn’t know how to do it. However, they didn’t follow through with the plan, and they missed out on the social media boat, so There was a lack of vision, and it didn’t pay enough attention to the people it had built up. It couldn’t keep its customers or grow its customer base because its primary goal was not to add new features or build a more extensive community.

#7.Yahoo bought Tumblr

Yahoo bought Tumblr, a micro blogging and social networking site, for $1.1 billion in 2013. But the company didn’t make money from the deal. It didn’t come up with new ideas, figure out where to go next, or keep up with its competitors in the field. So, in the end, CEO Marissa Mayer’s bet on Tumblr didn’t work out so well, so that’s why yahoo vanished from top websites list.

#8. The company called itself a media company

Yahoo worked as a tech company, but it didn’t say so and kept calling itself the media company. Because it made a lot of money at first through ads, the company forgot about all the technology that went into it.

#9. Getting the wrong CEOs

According to an Inquirer report, Yahoo has hired the wrong CEOs repeatedly. The report says that none of the CEOs at Yahoo, including Marissa Mayer, had a “strategic vision” that could match Eric Schmidt’s at Google. This is what the report says.

#10. A lack of clear direction and a long line of bad leaders

Yahoo as a whole didn’t have a clear idea of what the company was supposed to do from the start. They were not a search company or a tech company. Instead, they were a media company that thought programming was a must to turn production work into code. Some former employees saw Yahoo’s demise coming a long time ago, thanks to a string of evil leaders who didn’t know the future.

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