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10 Tips if you are becoming a YouTuber



if you are becoming a YouTuber

Being a YouTuber: a dream of many video-making enthusiasts and budding bloggers. But how do you make it a fun and profitable profession? Does making videos on topics you like and making money from them sound simple? In reality, becoming an established youtuber is not a feat for everyone.

You will have to make investments, processes to follow, and a lot to learn, even before creating your first video. So here are 10 useful tips for those who want to look into this new job seriously.

becoming a YouTuber


The checklist for starting a youtuber career


 #1. Decide what your niche is

You can’t be a Youtuber all-rounder; you ask to confuse your subscribers. YouTube is very clear in dividing channels into very specific verticalities, and all in all, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to understand what you want to talk about. What is your passion? Reviewing consumer electronics products or describing hiking trails in the mountains? Do travel reports or make-up tutorials?


 #2. Study inspirational youtubers, especially abroad

Including your macro-theme, it is good to study the “competitors,” which, in this case, will be excellent inspirations. Perhaps it aims at international profiles, to see different approaches and always have new ideas. But important: getting inspired does not mean copying. On YouTube, authenticity is essential even more than on social media in general.


 #3. Define the goals you want to achieve

Don’t start at random; the power of a digital marketing activity like this is that every aspect is measurable. Set short and long-term goals that are realistic and not overestimated but ambitious enough to motivate you. For example, you might decide to post at least 10 qualities content in 6 months, engaging at least 20 channel subscribers. Unless you are a revelation with an innovative and unconventional idea, better make peace immediately that this kind of activity must be built over time with patience before giving fruits.


 #4. Start brainstorming the contents to be created and then transform them into a real structured   editorial plan

Put together all the ideas that come to your mind, probe your interest by talking to some trusted friends who share your passions, do online research and even use a tool to analyze the volume of keywords. Then rationalize everything in an Excel sheet or Google Calendar to create a real editorial plan and schedule your publications.


 #5. Purchase and learn how to use the right tools

A good video camera, a tripod, the right light, and a microphone that doesn’t rustle: are just some of the specialist hardware components you will need to purchase as an essential investment. Besides that, consider the license of a good video-making program if you don’t find free ones that are professional enough for your needs.


  #6. Create the channel and follow the search engine optimization rules

Creating a YouTube channel itself isn’t complex, but be careful to optimize it as best you can. Thanks to free tools like VidIQ, you will be able to exploit the full potential of keywords because you must not forget that YouTube is owned by Google and is essentially the first search engine in the world for video content.


 #7. Upload your first content and start building your community

Moderate comments, follow other people, and do your best to get noticed!


 #8.Try to understand how to use multichannel to grow the community

Leverage your following on other platforms, from Instagram and Facebook, to communicate the existence of your new channel; you could get new subscribers even so.

  #9. Learn, observe, analyze the performance

Without data, there is no improvement. Try to figure out which of your first videos work best and which ones get little interaction. Then think: what are the differences between the contents? Which ones are most appreciated by users and why? You will get very interesting insights.


 #10. Once you’ve established yourself and grown your followers and content, start thinking about  monetization

This is a more advanced stage. To access advertising revenue or be able to earn from the channel subscription, you need to comply with the minimum requirements: be of age, create content in line with YouTube policies and have at least 1000 subscribers to the channel.


Some examples of established youtubers and growing sectors

But how much can a youtuber earn? The answer, of course, is “it depends.” From many factors, from the niche in which it operates, from the number of subscribers to the channel, the authority, and historicity of the profile once you have built a reputation, in different sectors, it is possible to be contacted by companies and brands to become testimonials, further increasing your revenue compared to monetizing ads alone.


Studying their path and recovering some of their first immature videos to understand the path made in terms of the tools used and the quality of the content, tone of voice, and spontaneity in front of the lens can be very useful instructive.


Other sectors are also very popular on Youtube, for example, food and fashion. However, it may not be the right platform in these cases: a large part of fashion influencers with their outfits for every occasion and food bloggers dedicated to recipe tutorials can be found on different channels, such as Instagram. So only choose the popular topic on YouTube that have maximum clicks.

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